10 Frame Complete Start Up Hive

$155.00 $149.95

This Basic Starter Hive Kit is valued at $155.00, KIT PRICE IS $149.95

It's "plug & play"!  Already painted and plastic foundation has been EXTRA wax coated! "We make it EASY"

Getting started has never been easier with this affordable beginners kit. Once your first colony starts to grow, add an additional Hive Body and Honey Supers and you're on you're way!

What this basic starter hive kit includes:

  • One 9-5/8" assembled, painted deep hive body
  • Ten wooden frames with plastic waxed foundation. We give the foundation an EXTRA heavy coat of wax for fast draw.
  • One painted bottom board
  • One painted migratory lid
  • One entrance reducer
  • One frame feeder with cover and ladders

** Available for pick up at our Brenham TX location only.**

**Photo shown with telescoping cover**