5 Frame Nuc With Disposable Transport Box


Pre Order Your Spring 2018 5 Frame Nucs - May 2018 Pick Up Dates

Our nucs are five wooden frames with wax foundation that fit deep supers! They consist of capped and uncapped brood, pollen and honey with the brood being produced by your queen. The frames are placed in a corrugated plastic transport nuc box. Be sure to bring a bungee cord to secure the box when you pick up your bees.  All nucs have a young laying hybrid Italian/Carniolan queen that is sensitized to Texas.

Nucs have some advantages over packages. With our tumultuous spring weather, they are substantially more robust than packages. The queen is already accepted and laying. They contain more bees, brood, and some established food supplies in drawn combs. Nucs will also build up more readily into strong colonies due to their initial advanced maturity and size. The nuc will be ready to transplant into an 8 to 10 from hive body soon after pickup. Nucs are available March/Oct 2018.

Order your spring 2018 nuc today! Limited supply! Be sure to order soon! Selling out fast!

Pick up available only in Brenham TX.