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Our queens and bees are survivor stock with exceptional hygienic, gentleness and honey production traits. 

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How It All Started


In 2013 my father had purchased a few nuc boxes from a local bee company to keep at the ranch. His thinking was to leave the bees in a nice shaded spot and collect honey each year from our new spectacular bees. We had absolutely no experience what so ever and had no idea how much input was needed from the Beekeeper to insure their good health. Well needless to say those bees never had a chance. Frustrated with the loss, I dove in head first that winter reading books, attending seminars, trade shows, watching videos, doing everthing I could to learn about on how to be a successful Beekeeper. I soon realized a passion for keeping bees and was determined to keep my new bees alive through the entire year. The following spring we got our new bees and I was able to apply all the things I had learned to successfully raise them and keep them alive, dispite a very cold winter. By 2015 I was completely consumed with Beekeeping and all its wonders, and had even gotten my wife Marla facinated. We decided that 3 hives were just not enough and were encouraged by friends and neighbors to split and sell them some of our bees. Fast forward to 2016. By this time my wife and I had grown our little apiary to 40 hives and were well on our way. On Memorial Day 2016 the sky opened up and dumped 22" of rainfall in 24hrs washing out our beautiful apiary. It was a total loss, recovering only a few empty boxes from down the road. We were heart broke, but didn't stay down long. My wife and I thought that with a clean slate we could take our knowledge we had learned and purchase the best bee stock we could and restart and launch a new business venture offering the best genetics in bees to our area beekeepers. We began searching high and low for survivor, mite resistant, gentle honey producing bees to add to our breeding stock. What was a very tragic day for us, turned out to be a true blessing. We have since acquired excellent stock and currently have over 250 hives in our apiary with plans on doubling that by 2019 making us one of the fastest growing apiaries in the state of Texas.

What We Offer


We began our business selling nuc boxes to new beekeepers. But to us, it has always been more than that. It is the people we get to meet and mentor everyday that is our true passion. We want every customer to be a successful Beekeeper! We love answering questions that new Beekeepers have. We want to share our knowledge with you. We have now grown our company to offer nuc boxes, package bees, queens, hardware, private instruction, consulting and even bee leasing for Ag exemptions or hive management for your bees. We also offer private instruction and hive inspections on your property or ours. Many of our customers purchase queens from us and hire us to show them how to make their new splits for them. If you have an interest in bees, or just like the thought of having bees on your property but don't want to manage them, then we have a solution for you!

Where Are We Growing


We currently manage over 250 hives. We are on track for 500+  hives for 2019. We have plans this year to implement Instrumental Insemination into our queen rearing program. We feel that with the diverse genetics of our breeder queens we will be able to hone specific traits to produce the absolute best queens for our area. Current plans for 2020 are to add pollination services to our assortment of product services.


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We have two locations in Brenham


The 10600 Herrmann Ln location is our main apiary location. This is where all bee packages, nucs and queen sale pick ups take place. We are the last gate at the end of the road on the right. You will see the BEES!

The 1109 Green St location is our workshop where the wooden ware and warehousing is located. If you have ordered sugar or woodenware without bees, this is where you would pick up from. We are in the workshop to the left of the house.

Brenham Bees

10600 Herrmann ln, Brenham TX 778

(832) 922-5042

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