Flowers of Brenham Texas

Texas Thistle


Texas Thistle is an upright perennial that can grow two to five feet tall, with spiny leaves and bracts. The flower head lacks ray flowers, but has numerous pink to rose-purple disk flowers. Texas thistle is foraged by honey bees, butterflies and other insects.  Texas thistle blooms from April to July.



Dandelions are a favorite flower for our honey bees and makes excellent honey!

Wine Cup


 A hardy, drought tolerant, sprawling perennial native to Texas and the central United States. The numerous trailing stems spread vinelike over the ground originating from a carrot-like tuber. The magnificent dark purple-redor wine colred flowrs are numerous found at the end of slender stems. The flowers close each evening and remain permanently shut after polination. The stems and leaves of the entire plant die back in the heat of summer and should be trimmed to promote fall growth. Easy to grow from seed, or can be started from the carrot-like tuber. Prefers full sun in gravelly or sandy soils. 

Fleabane Daisy


Fleabane daisy produces pollen for our honey bees.



Elderberry flowers are vey fragrant and a great source of nectar for the honey bees.

Phlox Pilosa


The flowers produce pollen on anthers near the end of the corolla tube, and nectar at the bottom of the corolla. Only butterflies, moths, skippers, and very long-tongued bumble bees have long enough tongues to reach the nectar. Shorter-tongued honey bees visit to gather pollen